Promoting Elections for the People of Libya Project (PEPOL)


The Promoting Elections for the People of Libya project (PEPOL)

is a UNDP managed electoral assistance project, with the aim to developing and enhancing the overall institutional capacity of the Libyan High National Elections Commission (HNEC) to prepare for, conduct and administer, inclusive and credible balloting events in Libya.

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Where we Work


Our Objectives

  • support the HNEC in the planning, preparation and conduct of national elections and Out-of-Country Voting (OCV);
  • develop the HNEC’s institutional and staff capacities and raise awareness on the requirements of electoral processes that are transparent, credible and promote inclusive participation;
  • promote public participation in electoral processes, targeting vulnerable groups with activities that enable them to exercise their right to vote; and
  • raise the electoral awareness of local partners, enabling them to perform their role effectively in the electoral process and contribute to a peaceful electoral environment.

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