Our activities

Project activities

The project has provided support in the following areas of electoral assistance, among others:
  • procurement and logistics, including for the construction works of the new HNEC headquarters offices and site;
  • data management and IT, with the contracting of two independent software companies for the upgrade and maintenance of the HNEC’s Voter Registration System (VRS) and the Result Management System (RMS), including dedicated training to HNEC staff;
  • out-of-country voting; legal advice;
  • support to training and procedures and public outreach.

Main achievements

  1. Procurement of a fleet of 20 vehicles worth US$ 480.000 delivered to the HNEC for use at the HQ and in the field.
  2. IT equipment worth US$ 1.2 million (i.e. lap and desk tops, printers, servers and software applications) for use in office, including field offices and in the data centres during voter registration and voting processes.
  3. Contracting ONA Inc. to develop the HNEC Results Management System (RMS) and training to the HNEC IT team
  4. Contracting Caktus for the continued maintenance and hosting of the HNEC Voter Registration System (VRS), and provision of continuous training to foster sustainability in the use of information technology in elections for HNEC staff.
  5. Two voting simulation workshops conducted respectively, on 7 August in Tripoli, and 26 November 2018 in Benghazi. The workshops were attended by 87 participants, including 18 women. HNEC’s participation included commissioners, heads of departments and staff; in attendance were also, the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General for Political Affairs (DSRSG), Ms. Stephanie T. Williams and one representative of the Ministry of Interior (MoI).
  6. Facilitation for the participation of the HNEC in initiatives of international cooperation and experience sharing: this included the participation of the HNEC Chairman, Dr. Emad Al Sayah, in the joint EU-UNDP Global Conference on Sustaining Peace through Elections, held in Brussels, on 8-10 October 2018.
  7. Organisation of the inception design workshop on the RMS for the HNEC, on 16-17 November 2018, in Tunis.
  8. Psycho-social support session with HNEC staff in Tripoli, following the 2 May 2018 terrorist attack on the HNEC Headquarters.
  9. More than 35 Technical Committee meetings convened to provide technical guidance to the project management, including review of the 2018 project Annual Work Plan (AWP) & Budget, since January 2018.
  10. Sponsoring of three Training-of-Trainers (ToTs) workshops, in Tripoli on 10-14 and 18 to 22 February, and in Benghazi, on 3 to 7 March 2019. Total of HNEC staff trained 64, including 18 women and one person with disabilities (PWD).